Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Power of The Mastermind

In Think and Grow Rich Publisher: Ballantine Books Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill define the Mastermind or “Master Mind” as, “Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”
The Power of The Mastermind

Have you ever really participated in a mastermind session? If not, you should.
I’ve been blessed to be involved in several with some brilliant minds and had the opportunity last week to be in one with Mark Victor Hansen, his lovely wife Crystal and about 16 other people. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime chance to sit around in an intimate setting and talk to a man who has sold a a half-billion books and is generally regarded as one of the greatest philantropists and speakers our time.

Why I Love Selling And You Should, Too

I was doing an interview recently and was asked why I love selling so much. I’m not sure I’d ever been asked the question in that way, but the answer was easy for me. While there’s no one, single reason I know exactly I enjoy it so much, there is definitely reasons.
Why I Love Selling And You Should, Too

First, it gives me a tremendous amount of personal satisfaction to help others. Call me naive, but I still see the value of helping others as the main reason to sell anything. As I train salespeople, it’s amazing sometimes to see their results change as they shift their thinking from “me, me, me” to “what’s best for the customer?”

Voice mail Tips: After The Tone, Please Don’t Leave A Message

Today’s guest post: Voice mail Tips: After The Tone, Please Don’t Leave A Message is  from Adam Honig, Spiro Technologies
After The Tone, Please Don’t Leave A Message

After the Tone, Please Don’t Leave a Message
Let’s be honest, this is what you’d really like to say on your personal voice mail recording, right?  You hate getting voicemails. We hate getting voicemails. Your prospects hate getting voicemails. Everyone hates voicemails.
It takes valuable time out of your day to dial through the phone system just to hear someone ramble on a message that you could have read in seconds via text or e-mail. I am sure there are ignored messages on most people’s phones.  In fact, there are three of them sitting here unheard on my phone right now.

5 Myths About Sales

Today I want to talk about some common myths about sales and world of professional selling. There seems to be a lot of misinformation, myths and misunderstandings about professional salespeople and what we do for a living. Now, I want to emphasize professional salesperson because I think there is a huge difference between a salesperson and a professional salesperson.
5 Myths About Sales

Some of these myths may be applicable to an average salesperson, but they certainly don’t apply to a professional salesperson.
  1. You’re a born salesman: Totally incorrect. Everything a professional salesperson does is a learned skill and it’s a skillset they have to keep learning, growing and honing throughout their entire career. It’s just like any other profession where you have to have continuing education and get better at what you do. There are new techniques, new strategies and new ways of communicating with prospects, buyers and customers a professional has to constantly be keeping pace with. There is always something new to learn and the professional salesperson is always learning. They understand nobody is born a salesman.

What Social Selling Is NOT!

One of the biggest buzz words/phrases to hit professional sales in years is social selling. While many believe they know what it means, I find many to be a bit confused.
What Social Selling Is NOT!

Instead of defining what social selling is, why don’t we take a moment and see what is is not:
Social selling is not autopilot: It is not designed for you to put all your sales efforts on auto and move along with your marketing efforts. Inbound marketing, social selling—all of those things still require you to interact with, understand and solve a need or want for your customer.
Social selling is not a salesperson: I had a sales manager many years ago call it b2b: belly-to-belly. While you may not meet every customer face-to-face, social selling will not replace the interaction of a professional salesperson.

Sales Tips: Before Quitting Your Job Do These 8 Things

I understand. You've been in sales for a while either by choice or because you were forced into the profession after losing a job in your chosen field. Whatever the case, things aren’t going as planned and you’re ready to throw in the towel.
Sales Tips

Do me (and you) a favor: before you do that, try these eight simple sales tips. Unfortunately, you’re probably the victim of a lack of training that’s not your fault. If that’s the case you definitely need to give this a shot before moving on. It could be the difference between success and failure in the sales profession.